Agile Coaching – human-centered process technology for future automobile production (Global Automobile Manufacturer, 2018)

Coaching of a team in agile development of solutions which enable workers through intuitively operable technology to configure flexible and mobile production lines for a variety of products within a few days


The challenge

Visionary target: enable workers to configure the fabrication of new products in automotive within a few days instead of several months

Team developing and protoyping integrated hardware and software solutions in an agile approach between March and December 2018

Involving as many industry and research partners as feasible from ARENA2036 (Active Research Environment for the Next Generation of Automobiles)


The approach

Vision review and definition of success criteria for the target solution with the product sponsor

Introduction of a scrum-based agile working mode comprising four-week sprints and  deploying functioning, prototypic production line increments every eight weeks

Coaching the team in adopting agile methods along the values and principles of scrum, and in agile planning of viable increments

Coaching individual team members and involved role owners (Scrum Master, Product Owner, Product Sponsor) in collaboration and performing their roles

Continuously improving the way of working based on daily scrums, sprint reviews, sprint planning and retrospectives

Changing the players fulfilling the product owner and product sponsor roles

Advising and coaching the team in adopting a user experience approach focusing on the future worker in automobile production (user journeys, design sprints)


The result

Successful completion of a total of 9 sprints and deployment of 5 functioning production  line increments

Co-creation of a target solution involving 5 partners

Mobile, configurable production line comprising 5 different workplaces demonstrated as a functioning result (among others use of lightweight robots extended by production tools which are software configurable and changeable, automated guided vehicles, positioning solution, control system)

Self-directed optimization of the team’s velocity based on the agile method employed

Shifting from technology centric to user centric approach as basis for further development in 2019

Identification of required skills for further developing the solution plus spheres of competence to be staffed in the future