Digitale Transformation

Digital Transformation

Whatever can be digitalised, will be.



  • Exponentially growing digitalisation in economy and society
  • Everything becomes accessible anytime, anywhere, on demand, in a “do it yourself” style and in the context of social media
  • Digitalisation is more than automation


  • Make data available and use it promptly for your business
  • Comprehend customers’ expectations
  • Analyse customers’ needs
  • Determine your current “digital status” in skills, culture, organization, technology, processes and leadership


  • Use technologies and methodologies
  • Think and implement processes digital customer-to-customer
  • Make IT the core of your business
  • Implement agility in processes and IT
  • Skill for digital
  • Organization and culture


  • Quality – superior quality for customers and innovative customer experiences
  • Business models – current ones remodeled and adapted fast, new ones developed
  • Value creation – secured and expanded

We are pleased to support wherever you lack expertise


Customer experience and business process (re-)engineering

Re-shaping current customer interactions and business processes by using digital technologies and agile methods.


Digital strategy for your information and telecommunications technology

Aligning the information and communication technology to strategic business objectives:
target architecture, plan to rebuild / build from scratch, make vs. buy, infrastructure and operations concepts.


Implementation plan for your transformation

Aligning to strategic objectives and future corporate culture and organization, milestone planning, activities to rebuild / build from scratch business processes and information / communication technology.


Change management

Communication of strategy and changing attitudes, procedures, thought patterns and behaviour of managers, employees and business partners.

IT Strategie

IT Strategy and IT Transformation

Digital transformation turns IT into the main engine of the business – an engine that must run smoothly to be the impulse for success, not an impediment.



Identify the business requirements towards a future proof information technology.



Determine where existing IT can be further developed, respectively where it needs to be rebuilt or new applications and systems must be implemented.



Adapt existing and integrate new applications and systems, change platforms and retire legacy systems, change suppliers.


Information technology is positioned for your business success.

Count on us as a partner with many years of experience in line organization and project roles for:


IT strategy

Aligning information technology to your strategic business objectives.


IT transformation

Rebuilding, building new and retiring applications and systems, changing platforms, suppliers and technology partners.


IT sourcing

Reviewing self vs. third party supply, use of standards vs. bespoke software and hardware, alignment to future business requirements.


IT quality management

Constructive and analytical methods and procedures to assure quality in development, introduction, operations and phasing out of IT services.


Effective security of business critical data and systems

Assessing the status quo, identifying protection requirements, determining organizational, personnel related and technical measures for effective protection, and supporting their implementation.


Developing the IT leadership team and IT organisation

Supporting change and team development measures, changing organisation structure and processes.


CIO interim management

For such transformations, we cooperate with strong partners as needed.


Exponential Transformation

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Abraham Lincoln



There is massive change all around you – most of which is happening outside your business or in your personal environment – triggered by new, accelerating technologies at an exponentially growing pace.

Some businesses – Exponential Organisations (ExOs) – are 10x more successful than comparable organisations

They have a massive transformative purpose and use specific organisational approaches (ExO attributes) and accelerating technologies to achieve a superior competitive advantage.




Trends, technologies and new businesses that disrupt your current business model

Abundance of information, assets and resources available to yourself and others

Ways to leverage this abundance and ExO approaches for your business

Self-assess your current status regarding usage of ExO attributes (ExQ Assessment)



Run an ExO Sprint to determine

  • how to respond to potential disruptions in your current business (core)
  • how to tap into new business opportunities or disrupt adjacent businesses yourself (edge)

Transform your company culture to constantly keep innovating and re-inventing your business  


A number of initiatives for both your core and edge business that are ready for implementation

A methodology used by renowned companies to evolve and develop sustainable and scalable businesses, that can be used times and again to re-invent your business.

Cultural change towards constant innovation via participation in the ExO Sprint

We support you as certified ExO Sprint coach and ExO Consultant, linked to the 6.000+ member OpenExO community:


Assessment of your current business

Description of your current business model

Assessment of your current use of ExO attributes (ExQ assessment)


Ideation for your future business

Research of current trends, technologies, emerging businesses

Threat – Opportunities – own Weaknesses – own Strengths (TOWS) analysis

Idea generation for core and edge business


Initiatives to evolve and/or pivot your business

Idea validation via customer research

Selection of the most promising ideas to become initiatives

Scrutinizing these initiatives in a disruption session incl. your company’s leaders and external investors, experts or entrepreneurs


Prototype, test, improve and launch initiatives

Develop and test prototypes for the selected initiatives with customers

Improve prototypes based on tests

Assemble and present final prototype for decision on initiative launch

Support launch process

Depending on the task at hand, we involve partners with respective expertise in coaching, processes, quality and IT management over many years.

See our Associates for certified partners for ExO Sprints and related activities.