ExO Sprint – Virtual Simulation for Exponential Transformation of a Global Premium Car Manufacturer

Performing a virtual ExO Sprint to transform the business of a global premium car manufacturer


The Challenge

Autonomous driving powered by artificial intelligence and a variety of sensors, environmental concerns and the growing trend of paid services replacing ownership is or will be disrupting the actual car manufacturer business model

Apply the Exponential Organization (ExO) methodology around Massive Transformative Purpose and 11 ExO attributes to identify exponentially scalable business development opportunities

Identify ideas and develop core initiatives that respond to imminent or expected disruptions of the core business and hence sustain the current car manufacturing business

Identify ideas and develop edge initiatives that provide solutions to large scale problems to create business opportunities beyond the current business models, tapping into adjacent industries and/or new businesses, taking into account current strengths and weaknesses plus emerging exponential technologies


The Approach

Follow the ExO Sprint approach as laid out in the book “Exponential Transformation” by Franciso Palao, Michelle Lapierre and Salim Ismail, 2018

Week 1 Explore

  • Explore global challenges
  • Learn about exponential technologies
  • Learn about disruptive startups and business models in the automotive and related industries
  • Find out about new changes in the context of the global car manufacturer
  • Describe the current business model

Week 2 Ideate

  • Define a Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) for the core initiatives
  • Define potential core initiatives as external disruption / internal reaction pairs for this MTP
  • Define multiple Massive Transformative Purposes for edge initiatives
  • Define potential ExO initiatives as problem/solution pairs for each MTP

Week 3 Share

  • Define key hypotheses and design experiments
  • Run experiments to evaluate the ExO initiatives with real (potential) customers

Week 4 Select

  • Select the most promising initiatives
  • Define the business model to create a sustainable business (edge initiaves)
  • Design the ExO Canvas showing usage of the 11 ExO attributes to scale the business
  • Create and practice an extended elevator pitch for each of the selected initiatives

Week 5 Disrupt

  • Prepare the presentation session involving external entrepreneurs, experts and investors as disruptors
  • Present, gather feedback and improve the selected initiatives based on the feedback received

The Result

Research on impactors and impacts on the car manufacturer’s business plus global trends

Generated 10 different ideas for core and edge initiatives

Nearly 1.500 data points gathered via surveys and interviews

Defined 2 core initiatives enabling transition to a recurring revenue model and tapping into additional market opportunities

Defined 2 edge initiatives leveraging the car manufacturer’s current strengths and exponential technologies to develop new scalable businesses

Received disruptor feedback to improve initiatives

Received certification as ExO Sprint Coaches