Reducing international customer services cost by 20% within 15 months

Defining a customer service efficiency programme for a mobile service provider’s international subisdiaries to reduce cost by 20% within 15 months


The challenge

  • reduction of operational customer services cost of a mobile telecommunications provider in its European subsidiaries by 20% within 15 months
  • lack of transparency and comparability of operational key performance indicators (KPIs) between customer services units in the subsidiaries
  • lack of best practice and know-how sharing

The approach

  • close cooperation with subsidiaries’ customer services heads to establish comparability and transparency regarding operational KPIs
  • establishing regular best practice exchanges and introducing temporary project assignments for customer services employees between the international subsidiaries
  • internal benchmarking of subsidiaries and comparison with external market data
  • introduction of efficiency measures per subsidiary and agreement of targets with each customer services head
  • accountability for implementation of specific measures with each subsidiary, overarching measures with international customer service department

The result

  • comparability and transparency regarding operational performance and cost situation of subsidiaries established
  • best practice exchange established
  • efficiency targets achieved